Channelmanager's Virtual banking terminal to process Credit Cards

Our industry standard inbuilt merchant banking facility (Eftpos / POS terminal) can process all of your guest and booking provider credit cards and virtual credit card payments with just one click.

Ideal for properties without merchant facilities and no need to pay hefty bank fees, as our secure virtual banking terminal is inbuilt in your channel manager system. For your convenience any bookings from connected Online Travel Agents or through your booking engine will automatically and securely provide all the required credit card info for you to process according to your own payment policy.

  • Allows you to sign up with Online Travel Agents / Booking channels that pay you via virtual credit card
  • Securely process payments immediately for telephone or walk-in bookings
  • Cheaper than most merchant facilities with no monthly fees and only charged 3.3% of payments processed through the secure DPS (Direct Payment Solution)

Multiple Property Manager

If you have multiple properties, Channel Manager offers a Multiple Property Manager system where you can access all of your properties (from 2 to any number), from the one convenient login. Once logged in to your customised system you can quickly and easily switch between properties to perform any of the functions that Channel Manager offers. This feature will save you and your staff valuable time and ensure each property is running efficiently and to maximum occupancy.

Check-in Identity Capture

Coming soon...

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