Channelmanager Integrated Restaurant POS System:

ChannelManager has created an integrated Restaurant POS system which simplifies all aspects of restaurant management in your property.

A tablet or similar smart device records guests' food and beverage orders, relaying them to the kitchen and bar respectively.

The items are then automatically added to the guests' invoice for you and your guests convenience.

ChannelManager's Restaurant POS system enables a more efficient Food and Beverage service by seamlessly bringing together the kitchen and front of house staff with the front office system.

Other features include table organisation and input of multiple menus.

This facility can be added to your ChannelManager package soon for a modest extra monthly fee.


HOTEL WIZZARD is a Complete Hotel Property Management System designed specifically for all sectors of the accommodation and hospitality industry, created by Hotelierís for Hotelierís.

HOTEL WIZZARD includes the Full Channel Manager system and Restaurant Module.

Compare your Restaurant Module options...

Restaurant Module
(Hardware not included)



Web Plus


 Take orders at the table
 Table set up
 Orders appear on chefs monitor
 Works from smart phones and pads
 Prints from mobile devise to matrix dot printer
 Orders instantly charge to guests
 Channelmanager PMS invoice
 Itemized Billing on guests invoice
 Set up menu's
 Edit ticket orders
 upload Images for restaurant dishes
 supports table layout management
 Colour coded tables to show status of orders
 Gives status of booked tables

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